Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011 - The cast of "Up"

This year we went as the characters from the movie Up. Summy was Mr. Frederickson, Jack was Russell, I was the "house" (fitting for a pregnant lady?) and David was the snipe. (Kevin)

I made Summy's costume from a suit I found on ebay, suspenders, a walker we put tennis balls on, and glasses from the Target 1.00 bin that David drilled the lenses out of. To top off the look, he wore an ear plug as his hearing aid, and we sprayed his hair white.

Jack's costume was a boy scout shirt, brown pants (too cold for shorts) a sash I created with fabric and simple felt circles for "badges," an old-school tiger scout neckerchief, a neckerchief "slide" from the 60s, a tan ball cap, an orange backpack, and various paraphernalia. David created the flag from felt and a fiberglass wire runner. (Like a dowel rod.)

For my house, I painted a box brown and then cut circles out for my head and arms. I then colored and applied windows, trim, door, and other effects to match the house. The house in the movie is super colorful, so I made the strips/trim colorful to match.

For David's costume he wore a blue sweatshirt and sewed feathers onto the arms. He used a hat, and some stiff felt to create the beak, and then put felt eyes on his hood. He used feathers sold at a local craft supply to make the "crown"/sticking up feathers on Kevin. He carried a stuffed "Doug."


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Em said...

You are all so stinking cute! How creative!!