Saturday, December 04, 2010


Jack has really taken to his baby Elmo doll he got as an infant. All of the sudden, he goes everywhere with us: in the car, to the store, and in the case of today, to therapeutic horseback riding!

Jack alternately calls him his "baby sister" or "brother" depending on the day. (I could get into a whole other post about how sad that makes me, especially as we are about to "celebrate" officially TTC for a year now and entering the world of infertility, again.) However, he has an undying love for baby Elmo, he tells people, even strangers, about him everywhere he goes. (Baby Elmo sleeps while Jack goes to school.)

He is baby Elmo's "daddy." It is heartwarming to see how caring he is, especially as he feeds him, changes his diaper, and covers him up.

Today at the end of the session, Elmo got to "ride" around the arena with Jack. He was thrilled.

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