Saturday, November 27, 2010

Potty Training Frustration

Our kids are "potty trained."

However, Summy has started hoarding his poo. I know there's a medical term for it, and so far we've not discussed it much with the doctor. I know it is because of his sensory processing disorder. It is He'll sometimes go as long as a week before unleashing something that looks like it needs to be named.


However, it gets very tiring. He's pretty good at not going at school or daycare. He's not afraid of automatic flushers anymore, he's not afraid of public bathrooms. He just won't let it out.

So I ask you special needs moms out there...anyone else with a similar situation? Advice?


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I have one who feared the poo. We had to bribe A LOT. The bribe that finally worked was a special night at the movies with Daddy and Eli. I also bought prizes for poops. I hit the dollar store and showed it all to them and then said they earned it with poo.

This is pretty basic so I am guessing you have tried it and I know you are facing additional challenges due to their special needs but I thought I'd put my 2 cents in. Hope things get easier.

We are "finished" potty training but still have accidents and poop explosions in the bathroom b/c Eli likes to poo and then slide off the pot to look at it and then slide back on the potty and poo etc. etc. etc. I am sure you get the picture. :)

Remember when life didn't consist of poo conversations? Huh, those were the days. :)

Liz said...

My daughter used to hold it for 4 days and yes unleash something that needed a name and a plunger too! I loved that line! I started giving her laxatives so she would go more often and get used to going. There was no stopping it if you KWIM. Her fear lessened and now she happily tells me she has to go, gets on the potty and does her business. I don't use the laxatives anymore. She still doesn't go daily but she always has been an every other day pooper. LOL Hope that helps. They trained in May and only in the last month or so have I had to stop giving the laxative. Do any rewards work for them? I know they have the sensory issues too so it may be something that comes with time. I know it's frustratinag and to see them in so much pain from holding it. My daughter used to curl up on the couch, that's how I knew she needed the laxative.

Danica said...

My neice has the same problem and she is now 12. She was just in the ER with it probably a month ago. I forget what the medical term is for it, but she's very much the same. My SIL has had to resort to putting medicine in her food. :(

Hope things look up for him.

Leanne said...

Ohhhh, Lucas did that too. Actually still sometimes does it. We just keep talking about it - gotta love those conversations around here. He's 4 1/2 now, so he understands when we talk about being healthy, drinking lots of water, what foods will help him have healthy bowel movements. The more he understands his body, the more comfortable he is figuring out how to control it.
I really didn't want to go the laxative route, because it feels invasive - taking away control of their own body. So, yes, the days of holding it followed by the need for a plumber happened frequently. Good thing his daddy IS a plumber.

Kara said...

My son has a sensory disorder too and was having the same problem with the bathroom at daycare and preschool. Only, his was potty also. He would hold it until he had an accident, but he was deathly afraid of using their bathrooms. I don't know if he was embarrassed or scared or what. Finally, they kind of MADE him do it, and once he found out nothing bad was going to happen, then he has been OK with it since. I hope your little guy figures out it's not so scary, soon!!

(jkls from the board)

tbonegrl said...


@Kara -Summy and Jack both had similar issues because they were afraid of the flushers. (Particularly the automatic ones.) For a long time I carried post-it notes in my purse to help with that, but about 6 months later they have finally overcome it and can now go into public restrooms. They now cover their ears. We also let them wear noise cancelling headphones in public restrooms for a while too.

Thanks to all for the thoughts. I am hoping it is just another "phase" most clearly related to his sensory processing disorder. Keep the thoughts and successes/commiserating coming!