Saturday, March 08, 2008

The blizzard of '08

So, we're snowed in. I had a thousand and one things to do this weekend...errands to run and such, but we're enjoying time at home together.

I didn't want to post too specifically before for safety's sake, but D was out of town Monday am till Thursday night so I played single mom this week. The long, tiring week culminated in me locking myself out of the house with the babies inside on Wednesday night. After hyperventillating, I was able to call E&J and they came over and J kicked the door in so we could get inside. Best part: the babies never woke up! Amazing.

I don't know how single moms do it. Seriously, I was SO tired after the 4 days alone, I can barely explain it. I really did pretty well staying on top of everything but it wore me out to the bone. On top of that both boys have a cold so sleep wasn't so fabulous tues. and wed. night.

I put real PJs that Aunt C and Uncle M bought the boys for their bday on Sum today and he looks totally stinkin cute. I'll try to take pics today of it. Right now he's in his crib talking and he's taken his socks off. No idea how he's not totally unconscious from the week. I know I am!

Both boys now say "uh-oh" "mama" and "dada." Jack also shakes his head no. This week's fun has been watching Jack drop things on purpose and say uh-oh. We got the MRDD paperwork and are thinking about sending the boys to their school next fall. Sumner's starting to bear some weight a little better (he still sticks his butt out) and is army crawling everywhere, and Jack's cruising everywhere. It's definitely harder now that they move all over.

I am having a really hard time being patient and waiting to see the boys 1 year pictures we took last weekend. I know they turned out really great, and I am looking SO forward to Rachel editing them! I'll post as soon as they're done.

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dadmj123 said...

I can totally relate to playing the role of single mom. Every now and then the hubby also goes out of town and I am all over the place. two of mine are in two seperate schools, and the baby stays with my mother. Thank goodness we are all within a five mile radius between my mom's the boy's schools and my job. Regardless, there is never a dull moment. A BIG kudos to all the single moms out there. I cannot imagine! Blessings!