Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday night musings

Jack's getting tooth number's on the cusp of breaking through. He's now full-time cruising, and pulling up on EVERYTHING. My favorite is that he now can stand up in his crib, but he hasn't yet figured out how to get back down. He'll cry till I help him down, then stand right back up again. Naps aren't going the best because of this, and he's soooo tired. He's also learned to throw his paci out of his crib! Miss M said he climbed a stair yesterday. (We have no stairs at our house)

Sum's got two tiny little bottom baby teeth...even smaller than Jack's they are so cute! He is army crawling everywhere and we have seen a lot of up on all fours from him. He can say "uh oh" and something that sounds like "Dack." I have some wonderful pics I will post of him petting the "kitty." (Bode) I am amazed Bode lets him near, honestly!

I am slightly worried as D goes out of town soon for 4 days. I'll be nervous to do it all alone for so long. I enjoyed snow day #4 this week. Next week is parent teacher conferences. Sunday we get our 1 year pics taken with Rachel. I can't wait!

Thanks for all the well-wishes. Jack's vomiting has stopped as we had to do an emergency Prevacid-push and we're back down now to 1 tab daily and so far so good.

I found a strange lump on Jack's neck a week ago that seems to still be there. I plan to call and just ask a nurse about it on Monday.

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K-tell said...

I thought you should know that you inspired me to have a Very Hungry Caterpillar week at school this week! I'll have to post a picture of my bulletin board... it might look a little familiar! But we've had so much fun making Eric Carle art, toilet paper roll caterpillars and (my fave) we watched the VHC movie today... so thank you for the inspiration! I've received lots of compliments on the bulletin board and I tell everyone where the idea came from! (Only I leave out the "internet friend" part... the explanation gets a little long, haha)