Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some recent pictures...

I keep telling you about Summy's love of cats, but this picture is proof of:

1. How much he loves cats
2. How patient Bode is

Jack is *so* pleased he knows how to stand up in his crib now!

We tried a bath in the "big boys bathtub." The look on Sumner's face says it all. For now, we're back to the large infant tub! LOL!

Sumner *loves* the piano they got for their birthday. He plays it like a real piano!


Harris Boys said...

sumner and jack have the biggest smiles and they really are beautiful little guys. Too bad they don't like the big boy tub yet, my boys make a huge mess and just love playing in the water.

Enjoy being snowed in...we got some flurries this morning, but nothing stuck

Momma Has Monkey Toes said...

They are definitely CUTIES (love the kittie pic)! What great memories! I loved it when my twins were that small. They're six now; still cute, but with a "bite". lol.