Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bad news comes in threes

I don't think I posted about our recent bad news.

While D was out of town I managed to lock myself out of the house with the babies locked inside. Long story short, it was 11 pm, I was in pyjamas, and our friends had to come over and break the door down.

We planned a family trip last friday to IKEA. As we arrived in cincy, we noticed out car making a strange sound. Long story short, the engine on our 2004 Matrix had almost blown. We spent a long day making many phone calls and ended up being towed to a local dealership and renting a car to get home, but only after many hours of crying, calling, trying to get things arranged, and moving the entire contents of our car into two places. And sitting on a toyota waiting room floor for a long time. We are still awaiting the verdict.

And tonight, our sitter called and told us she can't watch the boys next year. After some crying, reality is setting in. I do not look forward to finding someone for next year. Nothing will be as good.

So hopefully this is the end of our bad news, at least for now. I cannot bear the thought of more.

For some good news: Jack's "bark" is gone so his croup seems to be over. The babies turned 13 months yesterday, and life here is good. Spring break starts Friday and I can't wait to spend a week (even more!) with the boys.


Harris Boys said...

OMG, wow you have been busy. sorry about your car..that's a bummer.

I've locked myself out before too, don't feel too bad! My boys were sleeping at the time, so I didn't panic too much, but its still scary.

Happy 13 months to your boys, they always look so happy and always smiling!!

the schirano triplets said...

oh wow, i am so sorry that you have had such a string of bad news recently. and so sorry about your babysitter, we are losing ours in may and i have no idea what we are going to do without her. happy 13 months to your boys - they are just precious!

MichelleAnn said...

At least bad news only comes in 3's!! Now it's time for some good luck!
If it makes you feel any better, my aunt once locked her baby in the car while it was running! They had to break a window.

Happy 13 months to the boys!