Friday, March 21, 2008

Three singing pigs say "la la la"

No word yet on the car...

I'm trying to rationalize the thought of putting the boys in an actual daycare CENTER next year. This place is highly recommended, and while more expensive, they are RAVED about. 4 other teachers at my school have their children there. But I keep thinking...*my* kids? My tiny little baby-men? They seem too little...sooo hard to believe. I worry, as we all do. Then the guilt sets in. Our sitter had said in almost the same breath after telling me she couldn't watch the boys..."and I think you should stay home with them next year." There is was, old nagging guilt, back for me again. And the pediatrician said "really? they'll be old enough to start in August?" (Center only accepts 18m+) And I worried...tiny preemie babies+daycare center=feel guilty mom, stay home with us mom, big worries mom?

The therapists could go to the center and work with the boys which would be super. But our hopes of going to MRDD preschool next year are now dashed.

And the mommy guilt returns. Why do we do it to ourselves? Will any decision really be OK?

I had the chance for a rare girls evening out this week at the melting pot, my fave fondue restaurant. Most of the talk centered around babies. Aunt E happened to be there too (she is PG, did I mention that?) and she got frustrated with all the baby talk. I was led to remember a great article in this month's real simple magazine about the new-mother-lose-yourself-and-your-identity-in-your-new-child syndrome. It's unavoidable, really. Even now I have a hard time talking about anything other than teaching and my boys, as those are primarily the only things I have the energy to do anymore. The hormones, the sleeplessness, they all make you crazy, and so baby-focused. Sometimes I wonder, will Aunt E feel the same in 22 weeks?

We were reading our nighttime standard, moo baa la la la by Sandra Boynton, and when we got to the part "three singing pigs say" Summy pulled his paci out of his mouth, looked dead at us, and said "la la la." It was one of those parent moments.

Summy's third tooth to pop through was not the previously stated top tooth, but a pointy incisor. Strange!

Jack's croup is gone, but he developed hives and a horrible rash wed. that never went away. A pedi appt. today confirmed not much. Benadryl isn't working and they think he's allergic to "something" (not food) and we don't know what. Not much help. He inherited my sensitive skin, apparently.

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Amber said...

OMG that picture is perfect! They are both so adorable and have amazing eyes.

Carter is in a center too and he's thriving! Don't feel guilty at all, I would choose a center any day of the week, we love it!