Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Barf, glorious barf!

I tired to give Jack his steroids tonight and he promptly threw up all over me and him. Lovely. I'm now extra worried b/c he's asleep with no steroid dose and his breathing sounds terrible. Not one peep out of him last night!

Tonight D installed their fisher price safe voyage convertible carseats. It is totally bittersweet because I am not ready for them to sit in highchairs, need to be carried, use their new big boy stroller (graco quattro tour duo) and just be all gorwn up. I mean really...can't they stay little forever?

Friday is our trip of wonderment and joy to IKEA. I am SO excited!!! The new Ohio store opens tomorrow!


MichelleAnn said...

Sorry you got barfed on!! That's one of the hardest parts for me to deal with. When it happens to me my first reaction is to clean up myself, but then I quickly realize that I better clean up the kid or they'll do it again. It makes me so sick I worry I'll barf on them while cleaning it up. I hope your little guy is getting better. It's so hard to watch them be so sick and this has definitely been the season for it.

I heard that Columbus was buried in snow last weekend! We got a few inches (just enough for the kids to enjoy it!). Hopefully you don't have too many days to make up at work. We have to make up 3 days which we are going to do over spring break the week after next. There will be a lot of kids absent so I can't plan anything too important!

Jared & Becky said...

Wow, I guess I am not the only one. Yesterday as I gave Alex his steroid he puked his entire bottle onto me. Lovely! We too are dealing with croup and hideous breathing. We were in the ER yesterday where they described his breathing as goosey. Yep he sounded like a goose. Keep up the good work! I know it is hard sometimes.