Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jack is a trooper!

Our appointment today was frustrating and good. We got there 15 minutes early which I thought was an accomplishment, but they made us wait and wait. Jack couldn't eat for 4 hours prior so I had timed it eventually I caved and had to start feeding Summy. D came from work and sat with me and fed Summy, and finally at noon (our appt was 11:40) I got up and told them they'd better take us b/c Jack was getting frantic hungry, and we couldn't wait any longer. They took us back and the tech and doc told me they'd been waiting for us too and it made me even madder. I guess they had to print labels and that was what took so'd think the info'd be current from them being in the NICU 2 mos. prior. ARGH!

Jack was so cute, he wore a tiny baby hospital gown with pigs on it. He ate the barium down fast and it was really neat to watch on the screen. All in all everything looked AOK, and there were no herniations or pyloric stenosis. Good news! The doc was a little concerned about him barfing up 9 am meds at 3 pm, but said everything looked good. He didn't reflux (I gave him the am Prevacid dose) and the doc later told me I wasn't supposed to, but no biggie. We already know he refluxes.

So good news. I'll be interested to see what the GI doc says. No word yet on when that appt. will be.

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