Monday, May 27, 2013

Gumigem review

Thank you Gumigem! I was honored when gumigem ( )

asked me to write a review of their awesome teething necklaces, 
bracelets, etc. I had a really hard time choosing, but settled on a
 bracelet which I thought Jack would love.

When they first contacted me, I assumed it was because of 
Truman, but then I started explaining how there is such a need
 for nondescript chewelry in the special needs community. 
Jack especially loves to chew and some of the necklaces are 
so in your face and obviously for chewing.

Jack loves the bracelet although he wishes it was a tad bit thinner.
He says he has to open wide to chew. Next we are thinking of
 ordering him a necklace. They have some awesome ones that
 look like dog tags and might look "cool" at school and not super
 "obvious." All in all I could not more highly recommend a better 
company, with a fabulous product. Please consider trying 
Gumigem for chewellry for your special needs kid!

Thanks Gumigem!


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