Friday, April 13, 2012

Goodness, where have I been?!?

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted. So much to fill you in on, and so busy!

Evaluations through the school district have been going well. Sumner's evaluation was completed and showed many things we thought it would. Although it is completed and we are happy with the results, we have decided to pay for him to be privately tested by a psychologist. We need to know exactly what is going on with him, and decide if we need to tailor his therapies to match any new diagnoses.

Jack's school evaluation is still underway. We have also decided to have him tested by the top neuropsych in the city. He had his first appointment on Wednesday and it went "well." Jack tired extremely easily and the session lasted about an hour and a half. We are anxious to see exactly what the testing uncovers, but the neuropsych already noted low muscle tone for Jack.

Both boys have been having tons of accidents. An incredibly frustrating amount of them, actually. We already knew Summy had encopresis, and Jack was diagnosed with dysfunctional voiding at the 5 year pediatrician appointment. However, I am exhausted from changing their clothes constantly. Someone on my SPD list posted a link to this book, and I ordered it Monday and have been avidly reading it. We're hoping to "clean them out" and see if that helps them stop having so many accidents during the day. (Maybe Jack will then night train???)

Soccer has had ups and downs. The first game went really well, but last game was a struggle. Jack was exhausted and tried many times to get out of playing during the game. Super embarrassing. He did make it through to the end with some encouragement/threats. Hoping tomorrow goes better. They both enjoy playing which is the important part.

Haircuts continue to be the bane of my existence. (I still cut the boys hair with scissors.) Anyone out there have suggestions of what works with your kids?

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