Sunday, March 25, 2012


We decided to try out soccer for the far so good! It has truly been an experience for me, as I never really played sports as a kid. The parents and coaches can be intense which is sorta funny considering all the kids are 5. One of the coaches told me at practice Wednesday that he lied so his 5 year old could play for a few years and get more experience...this kind of "sports parent" I cannot understand or relate to.

Practices have gone well, Jack gets super tired and even teary by the end of the hour long practice. He is exhausted, and though he tries very hard, he falls down a ton. Summy is cautious. I'm hoping with more time both will continue to enjoy playing. I feel like playing a sport and getting the body moving is really important for kids, and can only help our kids with gross motor, coordination, and teamwork.

We haven't talked about any of the boys' special needs with the coaches, and D says I should just let it go. It's hard not to want to explain when Jack gets so exhausted, but I am trying.

As for me, I won't lie that I am not an ideal "sports fan" and I continue to try to get into it more...hoping as our first game approaches I'll find my inner soccer mom, or at least a glimpse of her.

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