Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Jackson, on your 5th birthday


Last night when I was tucking you both in, we talked about how you were going to be 5 today. You knew right away what was going to happen, and you took my face in your hands and said "Mommy, don't cry." You giggled because you told me that I wanted to shrink you up and make you little again. If only you really knew how hard it is as a mother to want your children to grow, but how your heart hurts when it happens.

This year has been so good for you. You are so smart. You can remember something you've seen for an amazing amount of time. (We'll be in the car and you remember where all your classmates on the bus live.) You also have the amazing ability to read how someone is feeling immediately. You are so sensitive and caring, much more than any other boy I have met your age. You know how to diffuse a situation, (And sometimes make it a bit worse!) and you know how to make other people laugh when they are mad or sad. I was reprimanding you the other night and you made my mouth move and said "You are so fabulous, Jackson." I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Gone is that tiny 4 pound baby who couldn't breathe on his own and waved his arms about in the incubator. Instead a skinny, giggly boy with glasses who loves to be the boss and is always creating some kind of crazy invention. You have a connection with Truman that amazes me. Don't get me wrong, you were jealous when he was born, but I know that someday you will have him wrapped around your little finger. You also love to "mother" your stuffed animals. You current obsession? A stuffed hot potato.

You cannot wait for kindergarten and you have so many friends and family you love dearly. You could talk to a wall for hours and never tire (inherited that from me!) and you are friendly to everyone you meet. Sometimes school can be hard for you, and make you tired, but you have such a desire to please.

Happy birthday to my sweet, smart, funny and thoughtful little boy. You make my heart melt and you have made my life so full. I love you.

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Allison said...

Happy fifth birthday, Jackson! He sounds like such an amazing little boy.