Tuesday, January 31, 2012

not what I imagined

The meeting was...interesting. Not what I imagined, but it was decided that both boys will be re-evaluated. This is the first step in the direction of them having some plan for next year, our only fear is what kind of plan will that be? There was a lot of discussion of a 504 plan versus an IEP and after reading more about that, I feel very worried. I felt like we went into the meeting with them having decided what the outcome would be already, before the boys are even evaluated, which I don't like.

I had to take Truman in to the pedi yesterday because he had been congested for a few days. While I was in, I set up a meeting with her, and she also referred us to go get a full workup/evaluation on the boys by a psychologist. With a lot of things being thrown around about attention issues, and with Jack's recent outbursts/violent tantrums, we need to get to the bottom of what EXACTLY is going on with both of them. We know they have sensory processing disorder, and Sumner has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety, but we were reminded in the meeting that in the prior evaluation, Sumner came back as PDD-NOS in the district testing, and with all of Jack's fine motor and coordination issues, we want to make sure we are seeing the whole picture.

So, in all honesty, the last 24 hours have been totally overwhelming and frustrating. I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I feel somewhat responsible (even though I know it is ridiculous to feel that way) every time we talk about what is going on with S+J. I wonder how much of what is going on is from their prematurity. I was also pretty angry because I want what is best for them educationally and I want to be heard as a parent. I am hoping that as we undertake the evaluation process, that their needs are truly seen and that they won't be discounted just because they are cognitively so ahead.

As for Truman, he had gained a pound in just over two weeks! At the appointment, he was 8 lbs 10.5 oz!


Sarah Dee said...

Transition meetings are the hardest part of my job. All year long. It's horrible as a therapist, and I can't image it as a parent.

I am assuming you are talking about the suspected disability meeting in this post. (I don't know if that is our district term, or the state term) I am daily thinking about your boys (all three) and you.

You are the best mother your boys could have.

tbonegrl said...

Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about, S.

Thank you...I know the psych felt bad because we are friends, and during the meeting, she broke out in hives. I know it's not easy for any involved.