Sunday, January 29, 2012


Tomorrow morning we sit down with the "team" to discuss re-evaluation of the boys for IEPs in kindergarten. This is something David and I both want very badly and so I am hoping it goes smoothly, and we are met with minimal resistance. If all goes to plan, they will be re-evaluated in February and we'll reconvene in March to discuss if they re-qualify and then to re-write their IEPs again. (We JUST wrote new IEPs two weeks ago.)

Jack has yet to meet his IEP goal for the last 3 years of correctly holding his pencil, even with 3 years of intense OT. He's made great strides, but I know from my own childhood experience that it will be an uphill battle for him if he cannot continue services. We're also worried about what all-day kindergarten will look like for him, as he still naps 2 hours a day.

Sumner's shown great improvement with fine motor but will definitely still need social/emotional support and accommodations for sensory as we look towards kindergarten. We're hoping that diagnoses from both his pediatrician and psychologist will help the district see our concerns.

Obviously with SPD not in the DSM, we cannot use "sensory processing disorder" as a reason to have the boys on IEPs.

I'll update you more after our meeting on Monday.

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