Sunday, April 17, 2011

more beach please!

I took so many fabulous pictures this weekend, that I am going to post a few more from the beach so I can post even more this week. We've started back with therapies this past week and so far, so good. Tuesday the boys had their first gymnastics class. Our PT "graduated" the boys to gymnastics because they were past the point she could keep pushing them one on one. Unlike anything else we do, therapy-wise, we were not intimately involved, but rather watched. This was SO hard for me. However, they *loved* it. At the end of class the kids got to ride a 2-story zipline. Summy was so good about using his words and asking the teacher "to go slow." She obliged, and I was so proud of him for trying it!

Wednesday brought our first day back riding. The boys were put on different horses this year, and that went over surprisingly better than I thought. Summy had a hard time adjusting to it, and struggled Thursday in particular, but I know it'll get easier as we "get back on the horse" so to speak.

Almost every day they ask when we get to have gymnastics again, or ride horses. I think this week it really hit me just how "grown up" they are becoming. It is really exciting, but also sad.

Included in the pictures are shots with Nana, cousin Emma, and as a disclaimer they begged for the last picture of their "crazy faces!" Enjoy!


Allison said...

I absolutely cannot believe how big they're getting!!! I'm so glad that things are getting better with all the work you have put in. You're doing a great job, mommy!

Esther and Brian said...

love all the hugging and holding hands that the boys do!!! and they look like they have super big feet right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!