Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happy tears

TONS of pics to post, just had to tell you that today Summy pooped on the potty. TWICE!

I cried tears of joy. The teachers let him "e-mail" me from special needs preschool this morning to tell me. Then he did it again tonight.

We might actually be beating this encopresis thing!


Amanda B. said...

I didn't know you had a son that deals with encopresis!!! We should chat sometime. I have an 8 year old that is still dealing with it and the daily frustration is huge. :( Congratulations on his success!! I hope he continues to do better and better!!!!

Allison said...

Great news!!!!

tbonegrl said...

Amanda, we should! It is frustrating, embarrassing, and there's little to no help out there, it seems, for it.

Sumner's started in September. Right after he started p/ting. However, we now wonder if he didn't have issues with it even sooner. We also wonder how much of his is sensory-related.

I wish I knew a magic cure...nothing changed, literally, to cause him to go yesterday. I just hope it is a step in the right direction.


p.s. He's on a daily dose of Miralax. Is yours?