Sunday, February 06, 2011

Imaginary Friends

Apparently our kids have developed imaginary friends in the last week. I have no idea when this phase is supposed to hit, but they frequently refer to them, or ask for things to give them. Often, they tell us what they are doing...

Jack's imaginary friend is a girl named "Lacey," and in true Sumner form, Summy's imaginary friend is named "Sumner." I kid you not. A few days ago Summy said "Sumner has the same last name as me too....and the same birthday!"

I asked him "Well then aren't you and Sumner twins?" and he replied:

"No silly! Jack and I are twins!"

of course!

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The Dutch Girl said...

Lola has an imaginary friend too, Emily. I chalked it up to being an only child, but clearly that has nothing to do with it. It must be a phase then, one of many!