Tuesday, June 22, 2010

potty training, part deux

I attempted to potty train Summy over spring break. Day 1 went really well, and day 2 he was sobbing and begging for his diapers back. I knew he wasn't ready. He had been successfully going at home and at daycare, without consistency, and Jack hadn't gone once on the potty.

Today I decided to try round 2. Both boys. Jack had used our home potty a few times, and so we started the day in underwear. Much to my surprise Jack has been successful and stayed dry the whole day, whereas Summy's had 3 accidents and hasn't gone in a potty yet. My kids never cease to amaze!

I am just going to keep plugging along with Summy. He needs to potty train, and I know he can do it, I am just concerned it will become a power struggle. Anyone out there have advice on that?


Mothering Multiples said...

When a little one is ready, potty learning is easy. If it's not easy, one has to ask "who's being trained - kids or mom?" Sometimes it takes figuring out the right small incentive (bribe?) and then offering 1 of it for #1 and 2 for #2 when the child lets you know he needs to go and asks for the potty chair. It's not worth a power struggle - and potty learning has its own downside. Little ones don't let you know they need to go until THE last possible second and/or want to visit every (and I do mean) every restroom at every place you go - even if one/both just went. At any rate, as a MOT with grown kids with histories of potty-learning that varied from a child-led demand at 2 yr to a laissez-faire 4 y.o., very few make it to their teen years without figuring out the potty!

Christina said...

Yea, the smart lady that commented before me is right. ;) I think when they are ready, it won't be such a battle. I thought Alex was ready, but now I'm not so sure. She knows what we want her to do, but she just doesn't really want to do it right now I guess. It will get easier, I hope.

Danica said...

Good luck. No advice. Just sending good vibes.

Annie said...

I agree with Mothering Multiples when they are ready is so easy. For my third round with the girls I change the toys of the game, we went with them and bought two new potties. The next day, we start our afternoon with panties (yes it was at first during afternoons), they decorate their potties with stickers and we made a chart (that was their excitement)and if they used the potty we left them used the computer (bribe) and they love it.
Good luck!!

Cate said...

I LOVE the second picture. Lots of luck and patience coming your way.