Monday, June 14, 2010

giving up the paci

If there is one thing my boys love, it is sucking on their pacis. Perhaps it was the NICU, perhaps it is a sensory/calming thing: they love those green hospital pacis they got waaaay back when. They use them primarily for naps and bedtime.

We decided to take the plunge on Friday night. We took all the pacis we could wrangle up and put them into a bag. We took the bag to the mailbox so we could "mail them to the babies at the hospital." It seemed too easy.

Friday night was hell for Jack. Summy calmly rolled over and went to bed. (Color me surprised, Mr. must-stick-to-my-rigid-routine!) Jack, however, snotty and dripping with a disgusting cold, proceeded to scream for the next, oh, 3 hours. And then again from 12-1 am. Joy.

Saturday went only slightly better with a bedtime hovering around 10:30-11ish.

Sunday was a worked! Free at last!

(Did I mention the boys weren't napping now that the pacis were gone? Clearly they were tired, but I digress...)

And then there's tonight. The boys have been in bed for an hour, and I think they might be down now finally, but I am not holding my breath. I just went up again after hearing the pitter-patter of little feet on the floor above me.

God help me, I hope potty training is easier!


Danica said...

Hugs! Hang in there.

Annie said...


And for potty training, when they feel comfortable and sure of what are they doing is going to be piece of cake. Good luck!!!!!

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Christina said...

Way to go. :))