Saturday, May 15, 2010

new view

Tonight we finally turned our kid's car seats forward facing.

Let me rephrase that. My husband and our friend turned them forward facing. We'd been talking about doing it "this summer" and with Nana and Papa's impending surprise visit, (hooray!) and 15 more days of school left, the time was right this evening.

I can't help but feel sad about it though. Deep down inside I am a hippie. I am a extended breastfeeding (18 and 21 months thank you!) milk donating, baby-wearing, extended rear-facing mama. If I had my wits about me and my kids hadn't been premature I might have done cloth diapers too. Something makes me so sad about them facing forward, and growing up. (Could they read it on my face? Jack was actually scared. I digress...) Summy frequently tells me "Mama, I'm growing up! See, I'm growing bigger!" To which my inner heart screams "Nooooooooooo!"

It's their new view on the world. It's my secret fear. I worry about their every move, but it's been tough since they were in a car accident at just over a year old that totaled our car and sent them to the hospital. (Summy was actually hurt.) Nothing could be done about the man who rear ended David at 50 mph while he was stopped at the red light. They were content rear-facing, but they were pretty much at the height limit. Weight limit? HA! They'd be 18 years old before they hit 33 pounds!

It's just another step in the growing up process that leaves me misty eyed and feeling like my babies aren't babies anymore.


Esther and Brian said...

I hear boys will never reach the weight limit, either! Height- different thing all together. My boys just now hit 20lb and they are 20.5 months old but are 50-60th percentile in yeah, I hear you! They will get to like it, you'll see!

Sarah Dee said...

oh hippie mama, please don't tell me that our boys will grow up! my guy is more of a chunk, (21 lbs) and r. and i still carry him in the infant seat. I can't imagine turning him forward.

Smileycue said...

We are in the opposite boat there...Slane hit the weight limit for our rear facing carseat at 9 months and we got a doctor's order (prescription) to turn her around then and she was so much happier being able to see us and everything around her. She had been fighting the carseat because she wanted to see more than the back seat...and we can interact with her more when she is forward facing.

Annie said...

That's another great milestone for them.

PS: So nice that you are going to have your vacations soon. Take care.

Have a great week.