Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Life is good right now. Very busy, but very good. I have a thousand thoughts bouncing around in my head I want to write about, but no energy. I haven't snapped pics of the boys in weeks...the longest time without my camera yet. I am mad at myself, but allowing myself to be tired and worn out.

We're at a loss with the boys. They refuse to go to bed at night, a new turn of events, and it is wearing us out. They want to demolish their room and break their lamp, and do anything but sleep. Then they are BEARS during the day and they fall asleep in the middle of doing something. I wish I had the answer, so far nothing is working. Something has to give.

I have a student teacher, and he is wonderful. Working with him has "upped my game" and made me view my teaching through someone else's eyes. It has been enlightening so far.

Our IEP meeting is scheduled for Feb 1st. I am nervous and excited, but more nervous than anything. I want to write good IEP goals that are really going to help the boys.

This week we start back with weekly OT for both boys and PT now as well. Needless to say, you can see how I am exhausted.

I promise to be a better blogger this weekend.

much love,


Allison said...


Esther and Brian said...

Sorry to hear this...I find that we also have times that are just plain crazy..seems like every 2-3 months we got through a week of weirdness, fussies, crankies, no eating, etc...going through it right now, actually.

Sending you some positive vibes...this, too, will pass. It will. Right????

Christina said...

Oh man. Hugs Momma. Hang in there.

Annie said...

Hugs!!! Hang in there, better days are coming.