Sunday, January 03, 2010

ENT drama

I took Jack in to the ENT because he had a pretty bad ear infection that a. pushed one of his tubes out b. didn't respond to one round of ear drops c. apparently did respond to another round plus oral antibiotics, but he had an allergic reaction to said antibiotics.

So at the ENT he confirmed our fear: while the ear infection did clear up, there's a ton of fluid on the ear drum again and his hearing has been compromised in his right ear. (insert my husband's joke here: "what did you say?")

So we go back February 11th and if the fluid is still there, Jack will not only have surgery to have ear tube set #2 placed, he will also have his adenoids out.

I am not stoked at all, but the idea of hearing loss isn't a grand one either. I'll let you know what we find out.


Cate said...

Lots of luck to Jack. I hope his ears clear up without him needing surgery.

Following HIM said...

Poor Jack! Hope his ears heal soon!

Waiting In Sunshine said...

Hi, here from Crem de la Crem. I was originally drawn to the name of the post bc I thought you woldn't get to experience pgcy and birth like me either, that experience society likes to neatly tie up with a bow ala A Baby Story. Now I see that you actually did give birth, although very traumatically.....We all have difficult crap...thank you for writing that. (I'll also be on C de C once Mel gets through her que!)


Annie said...

Poor Jack. Hope he recovers soon.

Have a nice week.

Heather said...

Oh, I hope his ear infection can clear up without the need for the surgery.