Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today, I fight for preemies.

November is prematurity awareness month and today is the March of Dimes National Fight for Preemies Day.

Please visit the March of Dimes at: http://www.marchofdimes.com/prematurity/index.asp
to find out how you can help.

You know, when I saw this:

I almost passed out. I had waited so long to be pregnant. I never could have imagined there were two in there. Never.

This was not what I imagined at all for my delivery. I never imagined my children would be born prematurely, my pregnancy would be counted in breaths that kept the babies "cooking longer" and that it would all end like this.

I looked to post more pictures of the boys in their incubators and couldn't find any more of them on the computer. Prematurity isn't always a pretty sight. Prematurity doesn't always happen to people with poor medical care, or lack of prenatal services. I am so glad the boys are doing so well, but I want everyone to know that today I fight for preemies. Mine, and those with preemies everywhere.


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

"Prematurity doesn't always happen to people with poor medical care, or lack of prenatal services."

Preach it sista! I hope you don't mind if I do a similar post. This is really good. Thank you for bringing awareness.

Danica said...

Great post.

My nephew was premature and it was so sad and so scary for so long. He's a happy healthy 19 year old now. :)

Annie said...

Oh, your post is great!!!

GingerB said...

I put up a similar post - I had no reason to have a three pound baby except bad luck, so I have to focus on all the good luck we have too, and that my former preemie is just plain fabulous. Well done, you, for raising two at a time!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

Great post, I should copy it. My last baby was born at 31 weeks, my water broke at 26 weeks. she weighed 2.12 pounds and was 14 inches long. she just turned 4.

Linda said...

Great post!

BornSecular79 said...

Late on the comment-train here, but thanks, Meghan. You fight as hard for your boys as my parents fought (still fight) for me. Sumner and Jack aren't old enough to show appreciation for that yet, but someday they will be. And until they are, millions of other now-grown preemies like me will be saying thanks. Big hugs, lady.

BornSecular79 said...
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MoDLin said...

Thank you for your great post and for sharing information on this huge challenge during Prematurity Awareness Month.