Sunday, November 22, 2009

She's Crafty...

I saw a picture on Jan's blog and I actually gasped audibly. I was in love. Not only that, I was inspired. So I headed on over to Lindsay's blog to see exactly how to make one. And make one I did, this afternoon. (I was able to do the whole thing while the boys napped!) I still love it, and know exactly where it will go in my house.

My version.

Her original picture that caused the gasp. (still does!)

How did I make it mine? I bought dictionaries for my pages. (found at the dollar store, of course!) Maybe it's the scrapbooker in me, but I love definitions, and the idea of using dictionary pages made me happy. I'd love to make one using sheet music someday...

I used some lovely walnut distressed ink from my scrapbooking supplies to tint my pages. I also added a cream colored grosgrain ribbon to hang it with, and let the ends hang down below the wreath.

As soon as it is hanging, I will take more pictures. I just need the perfect shabby table and a few framed pictures. I plan to hang it year round. I am proud of myself and love how it turned out!

I also purchased this banner today from etsy seller funkyshique

I saw her banners and was immediately in love. I cannot wait to see it hanging in my house!


Annie said...

Is beautiful and love the banner.

Have a wonderful week.

Christina said...

Hi! I just ran into your blog, and the first thing that popped out at me was, well first you have twins, and second SPD. My girls both have it. My daughter Abby is still in OT/PT, but my other twin has "graduated." We needed to focus more on Abby. Anyway, i don't run into a lot of blogs that talk about SPD, and just wanted to say hello! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!