Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twin Halloween Costume Ideas

I have just started to think about Halloween today, what with it being in the 70's here. (It is so gorgeous!!!) I am trying to decide what the boys should be for halloween, and I need your help! Should they be something "twinnie." Give me some thoughts!! Please post your brilliant costume ideas!


Marcie said...

batman and robin


french fries and ketchup

pirate and parrot

OSU and Michigan football players (though which would you punish with the MI outfit?)

police officer and fireman

diego and jaguar

ok...i'm outta ideas for now. :)

Danica said...

LOL I wish I knew! Have fun deciding!

Annie said...

pooh and tiger

batman and robin

2 of the fantastic four

sesame street

mickey mouse and donald

I have something more I let you know.

Have a nice week.

Miss La said...

2 different colored Crayola crayons
2 similar animals (a lion & a tiger; cat & dog)
mustard & ketchup
2 different instruments (or 2 marching band members)...

Safire said...

Cowboy and Indian
Pilot and Astronaut
Hurshey Kiss and Candy Corn
Captain Hook and Peter Pan

I got more but I think you have some great ideas here!

Leia said...

looks like my ideas were already put out there cuz I was going to say Thing 1 & 2 which we did for the boys' 2nd Halloween (first time dressing up) and then Batman and Robin which we never did because I have seen so many of those. Also what about Chip and Dale the chipmunk brothers

Linda said...

Last year my kids were an angel and a devil.

Justin said...

I prefer you to visit Costume Kingdom. Lots of Halloween costume ideas are there.