Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy week

To say that this week has been hectic is an understatement. The boys have had their ups and downs as well as they adjust to being in full time daycare. Thankfully, after a lot of discussion and work on both our part and the part of the boys' OT, the daycare is doing a great job of implementing strategies to help to boys be successful in their room. Of course, Jack had 2 incident reports this week because he hurt himself. (Thanks postural disorder/dyspraxia!) Slowly but surely we are getting adjusted. I haven't caught up on blogs, and I apologize.

To add another few layers of stress, David was out of town on and off this week. He had both out of town meetings for work, and his great uncle died so he was busy with the viewing and funeral. Charles was a wonderful person and one of my favorite people in David's family. Both he and his wife Peggy always treated our boys as their own great grandchildren.

I promise to catch up more this weekend, just wanted to update!

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Annie said...

I know that the boys will adjust to the daycare. Is step by step for they.

Prayers with the family of your husband.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.