Thursday, August 06, 2009

Did I speak too soon?

We went to the beach yesterday and the boys really struggled, sensory-wise. Jack squirmed and cried "I NO YIKE the water!" and wouldn't even stand in it. (If he had his way, I would have carried him around the entire time we were there) Summy was hesitant as well, and spent a lot of the time laying in the beach tent with Nana and playing with a truck. They both seemed to enjoy me digging a big hole in the sand for them while they jumped in and out of it. Jack also helped me dig a little with his hands.

I am worried, I won't lie. While we've done a great job with the listening therapy, we've not been as good about the brushing while here. Did that make the difference? Have they not had their sensory needs filled as well here, and outside of our therapy sessions? The nagging fear of the regression and the sadness have come back a little. I just stood and watched the other children there on our last visit and saw how happy they were; swimming, digging, body-boarding. I felt so sad to see the boys struggling so much.

We decided to take a day off from the beach and see if it helps a little. I'm hoping tomorrow goes better. The joy of seeing them so happy in the ocean and how much they enjoyed the water and beach in general was so amazing . I hope we can capture it again.


Following HIM said...

Here is my thought: maybe the boys were just having an off day. It happens! Do not fear...the boys are doing great!

Danica said...

Hugs! I agree with PP...maybe they had an off day?

I hope today is better!

Leia said...

I hope today was a better day for you all. Hunter gives me days like that. We're now at a point where I might as well not say how he feels about something because he will probably do the opposite. He never wanted to try the cucumbers by themselves but on a sandwich with mayo he went for it. And ate almost 2 sandwiches. And maybe you can soon find a trigger for the off days.