Friday, June 12, 2009

Followup to my previous post

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful responses. This has been a very emotional week for us as we spend time with the boys 24/7 and really see where their areas of need are. It has led to an emotional week for both David and I.

I want you to know the evaluation went so well. As Sarah so aptly put it in her comment, they were able to show exactly what they could and could not do, so that they may be able to receive the help they need. They were not completely able to finish the evaluation and will be out Wednesday to finish. We eagerly anticipate their feelings on where we'll go from there.

We got news today that the boys might be accepted into a breakthrough new intensive program for children with sensory needs here in our county. We don't know a ton yet, and another set of evaluations will take place next week, but as soon as I can share more information about it, I will. We're hopeful, prayerful, and excited.

Please add us to your prayers, that this all works out for us. Please pray that we may be able to clearly see how to help our boys become the most they can be. Thank you for your continued love, it means so much to have supportive people who love and care for the boys as much as we do! (And us too!)


Following Him said...

Continuing to pray that the evaluation shows what the boys need! COOL about the sensory program!

Annie said...

God is good and whatever the kids need he will provide it. Praying for your kids.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sarah Dee said...

Always thinking about you over here.

Yea for a good eval, so far.

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Glad the eval went well.

Continuing to think of all of you.

Sending prayers that the boys are able to participate in the new program. :)

Danica said...

Sending love and support and prayers.