Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy mothers day to all the moms of multiples and mothers out there! Today was a really lovely day for me: the boys woke me up with cards, my husband made a lovely breakfast, and we spent the morning and early afternoon at the zoo. Then, I got a nap! Best mother's day ever! My husband and the boys got me a beautiful hanging basket as a gift.

Summy continues to crack us up with the things he says. Today at the zoo he called the leopard a "circle Humphrey" (Humphrey is our orange tabby) and he was super excited about the carousel at the zoo because he is obsessed with fans and things that spin. However, when he got on to ride he started crying and said he "was scared." I hope he's not a scaredy-cat about rides like me!

Jack has become a little bossy. He loves to tell Summy "no throw food SUMNER." and "No screaming SUMNER!" He always calls him "Sumner" when he reprimands him, which is hilarious. Our new house is fairly close to railroad tracks so we can hear the train whistle. When is toots, Jack says "no screaming, train!"

Our daycare situation that I alluded to last week and asked for prayers for has been resolved. They had decided to try splitting the boys up into different classes because Summy was having an issue with another boy in his class. After a trial run we felt it wasn't working and they moved him back. I'd love ideas from the twin moms out there who read my blog: how you you feel about separating your twins in class?

We have one more day of voting in the cutest multiples contest the boys are in. If you haven't already, please vote! We keep moving between 2nd and 3rd place. Thank you to everyone for passing the word around! The link to vote is: and voting is in the left sidebar, the boys are #6. Thanks for all your support!


SaraBelle said...

Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like you had a perfect day!

Sorry to hear about the issues at DC. Hopefully they work themselves out soon. No advice here . . . I know once B&K are off to K school we plan to separate them, but no exp. with the DC thing. Good luck!

crrv said...

You got a nap?! Man, that IS a good Mother's Day!

Annie said...

Glad that you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Have a nice week.

Becky said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day. I am glad that you had a good one!

We plan on the boys attending a small Christian school so splitting them up should not be an issue. It is not even an option actually and I kind of like it that way. I don't see a reason to split them up unless it begins to cause a problem. I guess I would prefer them together.

M.M. said...

Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's day. I was just so happy to have my boys with me on Mother's day and everyday.

We don't have any intention of splitting the boys once they are in school. I don't really see the benefit in that. I kind of like that they have a built in playmate/friend/brother all the time. only multiples really have the opportunity to be in the same class as their siblings, why take that from them, unless they don't like being around their sibling in class. If separate classes is just the way it works out then I don't have a problem with it.