Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Listing our house

Tomorrow we will finally list our house. To see it now makes me very sad because it looks similar to when we moved in, newly engaged and excited. This house has been there for us through our wedding, infertility struggle, and bringing the boys home from the NICU. I love it so much. I hope someone really wonderful moves here and has some wonderful experiences here too!

We've spend the last 2 weeks packing and staging. This is no easy task considering we have to still live here with the boys!

Therapy last night was really cathartic. We still haven't started the meat of EMDR, but I am looking forward to it. When Jack had his surgery last week, they hooked him up to a machine similar to the one used in the NICU. The beeping sound alone made me shudder. Discussing that and the boys 2 year birthday with the therapist was really helpful. I am starting to notice my old reactions...flashbacks, crying, panic...are staring to become not as severe. I felt mostly nervous/anxious, but not panicked. This is good news!


Following Him said...

Moving is tough period girlfriend. Good luck listing the house! As for therapy, hang in there. Glad the flashbacks are less severe. Hang in there!!!

Allison said...

((HUGS)) So glad the responses to the PTSD are getting better!!!

Best of luck on the listing--I hope you get some showings very soon!!! It's an adorable house--I'm sure the right buyer will come along soon!

Manday said...

I hope you get a quick offer from someone you really think will enjoy the house!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house sale. We had a complete nightmare time that I don't wish upon anyone. Try burying St. Joseph. I heard that brings luck to your house sale. We didn't try it, but we should have!

crrv said...

It was a great house and you will make new memories in the new one. One day you'll drive by it and tell the boys all about the house "they were born in". Ruby gets such a kick out of hearing stories about our old house.