Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walk and walk and walk...

On a whim I got out the boys' push toys today. Jack and Summy have pushed them a *little* bit if we propped them and encouraged, but today they both pushed with a fervor all over the living room! I got great video of it. They must have known our PT was headed over. She seemed to be thinking Jack would be walking well by the next visit! Summy was particularly dedicated and pushed his for almost an hour. We're napping hard right now! LOL!

Today Jack stood up all by himself from a sitting position in the middle of the room with nothing to hold on to or pull up on! Many times he took 3-4 steps on his own for the PT. She seems to feel he's slightly top heavy (big head) so if he gains another pound, it might help him walk more confidently. Hear that Jack? Eat! LOL!

Also, many have asked about my music choices. First, Unwritten was my theme song the IUI cycle I got pregnant with the boys. I'd listen to it on the way to the RE's to get blood drawn and u/s, and on the way home as I cried because I was so scared I'd get another BFN. I consider it "their" song.

The second, well, I just love. It's beautiful.

The third...Ben Folds...David chose this song for the video he made of the boys' time in the NICU. I plan to try and post the video this week. The song is beautiful, and reminds me what fighters my little guys are!


the schirano triplets said...

yay boys!

Harris Boys said...

alright boys!! way to go!! hope the bottom feels better soon...sorry your going thru it all over again!! ::HUGS::

Collegegirl said...

YAY is all I can say!

Collegegirl said...

Hey Mrs. Tbonegrl-I tagged you in my blog. Take your time and enjoy your weekend!