Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!/16 months old today!

Well...this is what summer break does for you! I actually post the 16 month pictures on the day they are 16 months old! LOL! We've had some really sweet moments with the boys the last few days. I never knew how much being a music teacher would influence the boys, but we were amazed when Jack started singing the "clean up" song I made up for them. And today David caught Summy on video singing while he was reading a book in the nursery. Last night in the car Jack was crying and I told him we were almost there, and to sing a song so he wasn't sad. I almost stopped the car when he actually started singing! LOL! I've decided my goal this week is to get into some music classes for the summer.

Jack decided to cut his first molar yesterday. It is sloooowly coming through!

Here are some 16 month pictures. I almost need to give up on the group shot, it is so hard to take! The pictures totally degraded as they got madder and madder at me for making them sit, and Jack was totally tired and laid down for his. I tried to show the progression.



Jack honor of father's day, my very favorite pic of my DH with the boys....from the NICU over 1 year ago. (Goodness how time flies!)


Harris Boys said...

yeah, we gave up on taking the monthly pics, they never turned out

Happy father's day :) love the pic of the boys with their tiny little hands on daddy's chest...awwww

Collegegirl said...

Hope you all had a GREAT Father's Day!!! Enjoy your sweet and much needed summer break!

Liz said...

I think my monthly pics are coming to an end as well. It's amazing how time flies.