Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crying, 14 months later

The boys were 14 months yesterday...I'll post pics this weekend.

E and I went to a local craft show of WOHM this weekend. We approached a doula booth and I started to get upset. The woman there immediately exclaimed..."I know you from somewhere." We began the old "rattle off everything you can think of you might have in commmon" thing, and came up with nothing.

As I was walking away, I said "this kinda makes me feel upset, as I feel I really had little to no control over my own birth with my twins."

She asked "what happened?"

and I said "placental abruption"

All of a sudden her face dropped and she started to tear up. She said "honey, I was in the OR when your boys were born. I am so sorry. If you ever want to talk about it, here's my information. Are they doing OK?" (THIS, we then found out, is how she knew me so well.)

I immediately started sobbing. I don't know what made me more upset: she remembered me (was the birth that bad? obviously it was!) or the wave of emotions/feelings/memories that immediately hit me in that moment. We had to turn around and leave. Thankfully E and I sat in that car while she kindly let me cry.


Harris Boys said...

omg, how crazy you ran into her. sorry it brought back so many emotions from that day. ::HUGS::

K-tell said...

reading this gave me goosebumps. i'm sorry that you had to go back to that time in your life.

thanks for sharing... even though i don't like to see sadness in others' everyday lives, it does help remind me that we're all fighting our own battles and everyone needs that extra little bit of support.

big hugs! (and thanks for the comment... it cracked me up. and i'm listening to joni now, haha)

Danica Lynn said...

Hugs...sometimes crying makes us feel better. I'm sure you have so many emotions about the birth of your boys.

the schirano triplets said...

i am so sorry you had to deal with a such unexpected wash of emotions. they always seem to hit at the most random times. sending hugs your way...

Collegegirl said...

I am so sorry that you had to revisit some of the emotions. It is also very crazy that you ran into her. BIG HUGS!!!

PS- thanks for the comment on my blog. Sometimes I can get up very but not everyday! HA! I wish!

Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

You obviously needed to get some of those emotions out. Isn't it weird how things just pop up after so long? I think your kids are beautiful and amazing!