Saturday, February 09, 2008

We're feeling better!

Thankfully, we're for the most part feeling better. I think I have a sinus infection, but other than that, we're well.

Jack never got the barfing thing. Unfortunately, I think Sumner lost a half-3/4 a pound. He is just in the last few days back up to eating how he did before...

Some things I want to remember them doing right now:

Jack's open-mouthed kisses
Jack getting into *everything*
Jack's crazy head spasm dancing
Jack always trying to pull the heart light's cord in our bedroom.
Jack trying to pull up on the learning table and sitting people
Jack shaking his head no when he doesn't like a food
Jack brushing his teeth before bed
Jack "reading books" and flipping the pages
Jack "making out" with his blankie before bed

Sumner loving on Lambie
Sumner grunting when he gets stuck in a strange position
Sumner saying "hey!"
Sumner waving bye bye to things he doesn't want.
Sumner dancing to "his song"
Sumner "hand dancing"
Sumner trying to bear weight on his legs, with his butt sticking out
Sumner's sweet expression when sleeping
Sumner getting scared in the middle of the night

I can't remember if I posted that Sumner got his first tooth about 2 weeks ago. If possible, it seems to be even smaller than Jack's, which is so silly. Sumner also army crawled for the first time on Thursday. He is starting to get more mobile.

Jack is into everything and is now trying to pull up on low objects.

The boys went to their first concert Thursday night. I did a combined band and strings concert. They loved the music, but Sumner screamed bloody murder at the clapping, and David had to take him in the hall. Poor guy!

I cannot believe they will be one in a week!


rachael said...

Yay! Glad to hear everyone is feeling better :)

MichelleAnn said...

I don't know about you, but the 1st year with my twins flew by. I'm sad to say that I was so sleep deprived most of the time that I don't remember a lot of it! Things are getting easier (they started getting easier once they started walking believe it or not!). Now I'm dealing with the "Terrible Twos" (more with my girl twin than my boy twin). I'm glad to hear they got to enjoy their first concert! Glad they're feeling better!