Friday, February 01, 2008

So so so so sick!

David was HORRIBLY ill on Monday and after a trip to the urgent care, we were told it was food poisoning...

...sadly, it wasn't. I was sick 10 times before leaving school yesterday, and my fever spiked at 102.5. I just had a bowl of soup an hour ago (my first food) and I haven't been this sick in who knows how long.

Unfortunately, Sumner started throwing up yesterday afternoon and seems to be doing slightly better today. So far Jack is OK and while it seems unbelievable he wouldn't be sick too, I'm hoping he isn't, as he hasn't got the weight to lose.



Amy said...

Oh noooo! I'm sorry to hear that you are sick now too! How difficult it is to take care of a sick baby when you're feeling good let alone taking care of one when you feel poopy! I hope you all are feeling better soon!

MichelleAnn said...

Sorry to hear you guys have been so sick. Hopefully Jack will escape it. All five of us were lucky enough to catch some nasty bug (my husband works in a hospital, I teach kindergarten, and my oldest attends preschool so we don't stand a chance) We even shared it with my parents and brother!