Monday, January 21, 2008

Where have we been?!?!

Both the boys have been sososososososo sick! IN the meantime, our house has been so hard. Last week D took a day off to be home with them, and we both only got MAYBE 2 hours consecutively of sleep. It's hard when one is sick, but both at once is really difficult!

I had it (cold, HORRIBLE cough) the weekend prior (one weekend ago) as well as a stomach bug. Then they got it. Now David has it. (He never gets sick) He even had to take the day off work. (Second one ever in the last 6 years!

In the meantime, the boys turned 11 months old (look for pics coming soon!) and Summy got his first tooth. (We noticed it last Sat, it has *just* broken through!) Jack's working on tooth number 5! (his top incisor.) Jack is into *everything* now so we have up lots of gates...he's obsessed with our cat door to the garage and will try to go out of it, and stick his hands through it, etc etc. He army crawls and can do three crawling moves in a row before falling over.

Summy's beginning to bear a *tiny* bit of weight on his legs, and the therapists brought leg braces for him to wear for a few minutes at a time to practice weight bearing. Summy's head bump is about 1/2the size right now which is a huge seems to be going down.

Jack still loves to give kisses (only on the mouth) and he is currently going through a kick where he keeps trying to feed people and put things in and out of their mouths. Sumner's into "dancing" and every time he hears music practially he dances. Today he played the bottom of a toy like a drum so I could dance.

One week ago they both got their second dose of the Synagis vaccine. We expect to keep getting it through April. At the appointment, Sumner weighed 17 lbs, 6 oz and Jack weighed 15 lbs, 3 oz! Much better than we thought! My new goal is 18 for Sum at a year and 16 for Jack!

Their first birthday is fast approaching and we have decided on a "very hungry caterpillar" theme. Be on the lookout for invites!


rachael said...

Sorry to hear about everyone getting sick, I hope you are all feeling better soon! I cannot believe the boys are about to turn one - holy cow! Hurry up and post the pics, I am dying to see them :)

vwlaura120 said...

I'm glad to see you're back!

I found your blog as I looked through Music Ed folks (I'm one too). I was praying for your family as you were so worried. Your kids are adorable!

Feel Better!