Thursday, December 27, 2007

Feeding themselves!

David's in Dayton this evening, so I decided to try and see how the boys would do with their puffs. Let me preface this post with these words: our kids are not big eaters. I have struggled and struggled with it, but have come to the realization that this is a common preemie thing. We do the best we can.

That being said: they usually spilt a stage 2 jar for dinner, and as of the last 6 weeks we've been doing puffs, with mixed response. We try to put them in their fingers and have them "feed" themselves, but they get annoyed and want us to feed them. Sum's getting better at "gumming" them but Jack mainly swallows them. So pretty much they aren't rockin' the puffs.

So tonight they PIG the food down. They ate 2 1/2 stage 2 jars, I'd say Sumner had 1 1/2 alone. He kept crying for more food. Then, I put their trays on their highchairs and put puffs on them. AND THEY PICKED THEM UP! AND FED THEMSELVES! Sorry to use caps, but this was big!!! Sum got about 50% in his mouth, Jack only about 10%, but it was SO amazing!

I caught it on video for David too!

And today I made my first donation to the local milk bank. 115 ounces. I sat and cried b/c they had a scrapbook of donor mothers and their babies. Many had NICU babies that died and it made me so sad...a rush of overwhelming emotions came back. I found out they supply the CHOP NICU where a fellow blogger Megan's son Jack (she has triplets...seee multiple baby pileup on the left link bar) is. I'd like to think I might be helping him. It's amazing how the world is so connected!


The Preemie Experiment said...

Great job eating boys!!Keep up the good work, there's yummier food awaiting!

MichelleAnn said...

Hi! I just read your comment on one of my blogs. Your boys are adorable! I saw that you are from Columbus (I looked when you mentioned Dayton in this post). Were your boys born at OSUMC? That's where my twins were born. Anyway, I'll have to add you to my blogroll and catch up on your blog sometime (I need to get my kids ready for bed right now!).