Saturday, February 03, 2007

Updated belly pics

I've put updated belly pics in my nest bio. There's a link in the blog. I'm working on two my mom took trying to get them to look good in black and white...having photoshop issues. they are!

Hilarity of the day: I kept telling D my coat (really his coat his parents bought that I stole for myself) was not fitting. Today on the way out of Kroger, after sitting down in the car, the zipper split up from the bottom because it was so tight. David had to put his head on the steering wheel he laughed so hard.

Gems of the day from random people:

"Oh twins are WAY easier than one." (From a lady who didn't have twins and was in the ped. office this morning.)

"Are they naural?" (From an older lady who just got done telling us 2 boys would be horrible and was at the pharmacy.)

David actually responded "As far as we know" She then went on and on about how awful infertility treatments are. I could have punched her.


We were doing pretty good on the comments, really, but since I've been allowed to go out a little in the last few days, they seem to be nonstop.

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Liz said...

Meghan, you crack me up! I love the new pictures, they're great! I'm glad to see you're able to get out a bit, too. :)