Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This "milk goddess" is still in the hospital.

So last night right as we were about to leave they took my temp and it was over 101. I cried so hard b/c they told me I had to stay again for another night. Turns out...I am a milk goddess!

So I am apparantly a "hyperlactator." I guess it is really rare, and now I have to try and cut my milk down, since I am pretty much falling asleep at the pump. The nurses keep making snide comments that are hurting my feelings, but the nice lactation lady is going to come help me and make a "game plan." Hopefully, I can get the milk under control. The lady called me a "milk goddess" which made me feel so weird....guess it's better than "cow" which the nurses have been calling me.


The Town Criers said...

Hope you were released today and that you're getting the milk production under control.

Congratulations on the babies!

Stacie said...

Hey, milk goddess! What a fabulous thing to be called. Just squirt the nasty nurses in the face with your overproduction.

Congrats on the babies!

Sarah said...

I was just a cow. (Link provided to me by your friend Kathryn - hi, preemie mom myself - blog here.) I got moo'd (and moo'd myself) at a LOT (and for a while fed two babies - my own and a friend's).