Tuesday, February 20, 2007

STILL in the hospital...

I am so frustrated! We were getting ready to go and then they come take my temp, and it's almost 102! I had just gotten out of the hot shower and so they came back in and took it again..98. Then they tell me I can't leave: I am SO upset I cry and cry...they give me a shot, draw more blood...GARGH!I had such full boobs by that point I start pumping....2 hours and 550 ml later they still aren't done being emptied. All the nurses talk about how much milk I make, but this is ridiculous. WAY too much. But I feel a heck ofa lot better.My bloodwork came back super messed up, but the doctor said I am OK still b/c I show no signs from all the blood loss. I hope I get to go home tomorrow!!!

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