Wednesday, January 24, 2007

News from bedrestland

I have gestational diabetes. I am frustrated. I failed the 3 hours test, but in a random way: my fasting and 3 hour numbers were good, but the 1 and 2 hour numbers were not. So in my mind, that means I am breaking down the glucose, just not fast enough. Isn't that a twin/2 placenta thing? I'm not too worried, but am very annoyed/frustrated. I'm really scared to have to monitor my sugar and prick my finger 5 times a day. I'm sad I can't eat things I want or crave. I'm worried I'm not gaining enough weight for the babies...

I'm currently only up 23 lbs

And the ffn test came back positive again, so I am on bedrest until 2/13 which is a little over 32 weeks. Then she plans to re-assess. And bedrest is awful. It sounds like it would be all bonbons and relaxing, but I'm on the phone nonstop with doctors, school, friends and family...and I'm bored, and uncomfortable. Caitlin brought me her laptop and that's about the only thing keeping me sane. All I want to do is clean and I can't.

I have a new song for the babies to add to turaluralura, which is bicycle built for 2. They seem to like it too.

My next OB appt. is Tuesday, and my appt with the "diabetes people" is on Thursday afternoon. I really don't want to prick my finger. did I mention that? My fingers don't want me to prick my fingers either.

The babies were almost 3 lbs at the last appt, so they seem to keep growing. All I had gained was 1 lb.


David's been stressed out and cranky. I think he's really worried about me, and he doesn't know how to say it. Last night while he was sleeping I asked if he was worried and he said "yes" but when I ask him normally he says no. I wish he turned worry into cleaning power, but he seems to turn it into vegging and sleeping. I think it's his way to deal. I feel bad asking him to do everything for me, and I feel like I am nagging. Today he said he's got a list of things to do after work, so we shall see...

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