Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good news

Well, meant to post on Sunday, but we made it to 30 weeks. Big milestone!

Dr V said I am let off of complete jail time today, and I can now go out of the house 1-2 hours a day. Hooray. I have to take it easy though, and any problems and I'm back on strict bedrest.

We got some nursery stuff done and bedding in. Waiting on wall dots and then David to hang some stuff up.

Dr. V is cautiously saying that I might be able to try half days back at school in 2 weeks.

The babies looked good and are still really active. hbs were 148 and 153 today. Both are still head down.

2 more weeks until the perinatologist and another baby weigh-in.

In the bad news:

David and I are not having the best time. We seem to be aggravating and upsetting each other.

I didn't gain any weight this time: still only up 23 lbs, which isn't enough.

I have to see the evil diabetes doctors on Thursday, and start pricking my finger a billion times a day. Can you tell it's stressing me out?

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Allison said...

Hey Meghan!

I just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you and reading your blog, hoping for some news! I'm glad you posted your good news about being out of jail and everything. I'm so happy to hear all this!!! And to think you might get to go back to teaching half-days....that's very exciting!!!!

I know things have been rough with you and D...I hope things get better there. And you really will get a pack of Nesties on your doorstep if you just say the word! We can cook, clean, whatever you need! It must be awful for you to just have to lay there and not do anything. ((HUGS))