Monday, January 08, 2007

Long time, no update!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while! I had a doctor's appointment on the 2nd, and the babies looked good...and for the second time in a row, they had the same heartbeat, both 146! I think they must be rhythmic, because it is so cool/strange they'd be the same! even the doctor commented on it! She also said she wanted me to come and have another appt. the 15th. It'll be a busy day: diabetes testing, rhogam shot, OB appt, and perinatologist appt/level 2 ultrasound. WHEW! David's going to be coming as well. It's a baby-afternoon.

I got a prescription for support hose b/c of developing vericose veins, and I am going to get a belly brace thing today, in about 30 minutes. Also, my mom got me a cot to lie on in the storage room next to my music room at school...thank heavens. My principals weren't so accomodating about trying to help me avoid standing during my daily duties...but you know me, I'm still fighting the battle!

In other news, D has begun nesting mania. This weekend he replaced the kitchen sink, all the fixtures, and the fixtures in the shower. I wasn't the most happy, because the sink in the kitchen is STILL leaking, and it makes him cranky and tired. The work he did is really awesome, and he did a great I need him to "nest" by helping me with baby stuff I need done!

The countdown has begun. 11 weeks from today is my 38 week appt. where she wants to induce! Man it's coming fast! 2 ladies at school are hosting a shower for me for people I teach with that are my friends. I thought it was SO nice! Also last week, the librarian's mom knitted 2 blankets for the babies, and our fabulous "surrogate mom" who will watch the babies next year brought me a care bag with strtch mark cream and cookies among other things. It made me cry.

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