Thursday, December 28, 2006

Seeing babies kick from the outside!

We had a wonderful Christmas, and really it was a bit nostalgic...we keep talking about how different next year will be with the babies! I think New Year's will be more of the year is going to bring about a new chapter in our lives...

I was so excited yesterday that I saw the babies kick and move my shirt for the first time. They're really active, but their kicks and punches are definitely getting stronger. It was really cool to see!

Our next doctor's appt. is January 2nd, I'll probably go alone as David really needs to save time for when the babies come.

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brainstorm102 said...

Wow! Once you get past the inital freakishness of partially seeing inside their skulls~ it's really AWESOME! They are SO ADORABLE!

Love you Tater babies! :)
Auntie Erin