Sunday, October 22, 2006

Soon-to-be nursery is empty!

I am so excited! We worked SUPER hard today and got the nursery room all cleaned out. We'd been working on it little by little for weeks, but today the room is totally empty except for the little bit of baby stuff we have! We mpved our computer into the blue guest bedroom, which we are jazzing up a little, and the cable guys came yesterday and moved all the computer sutff and re-hooked it back up! I'm behind on e-mails, but very excited.

We also did a ton of house cleaning tonight. We didn't go out, except to the grocery, and relaxed the first half of the afternoon, and cleaned into the evening. Overall, this was a HIGHLY productive 3 day weekend. I just wish I had more...

We went to the 100th annual Circleville Pumpkin show last night. It was really fun and there was a TON of good food. I bought a white pumpkin and a squash. Erin went with us b/c Josh is on a trip with his dad.

Next up: organizing the linen closet, the walk in closet in the blue bedroom, and the garage. Finishing up in the yard. Eventually staining the deck and fixing the fence and gate.

And working on the nursery.


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