Monday, October 16, 2006

Doctor's Appointment not so good

Our Doctor appointment last Thursday was not the best. We had another Dr. because ours was on vacation. From walking in the waiting room door to leaving it, we were there about 15 minutes, and we waitied 5 minutes to check in. She didn't print ultrasound pictures, and we only really got a good view of one of the twins. The doctor said she saw the heartbeat of the other. Then she did the doppler and finally we only heard one heartbeat at 157 BPM. She couldn't answer any questions, and we felt really hurried. Hopefully our next appointment on November 7th will be better. We were both let down.

The exciting thing was that I got to do a tummy ultrasound for the first time!

I have a poison-ivy-family rash on my arms and I am pretty miserable with the itching. It's been waking me up and it seems to be unbearable in the evenings.

David did TONS fo work around the house. He's halfway done with the crown molding in the nursery, he replaced the bathroom sink faucet with a new one I picked out, he took a tree limb down with my stepdad, has been on top of the leaves, and is re-staining our deck this week. (He cleaned it on Saturday! Whew!

Thankfully, this is a four day week for me at school. I've been feeling more tired in the afternoons.

Other than that I am feeling pretty good. My back pain has gone down and I swear I am starting to feel the tots move. It feels like little pings, or popcorn popping. During the ultrasound, the one twin we did see was practically doing somersaults.

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