Saturday, February 15, 2014

To Sumner, on your seventh birthday

To Sumner, on your seventh birthday,

I cannot believe that you are seven years old today. It seems like just yesterday your head fit in the palm of my hand. This birthday was a hard one for me as last night daddy got out all of your things from the NICU and showed them to you. You wanted to hear about what it was like when you were born.

Our life changed. It changed a lot. I changed for the better when I had you. I sometimes do not know what to make of you. You are stubborn and strong-willed and sometimes your anxiety makes you do things you don't mean to. You make me a better mom because you challenge me each day to think of ways to better parent you. I love you for it and I want you to know I will always love you, no matter what.

This year you lost your first tooth. We went to Disney and you rode rides you were way too afraid to before. You graduated from kindergarten and started first grade. You love to read and you told me your favorite subject is P.E. You love science and study rocks and minerals all the time. You love non-fiction books the most and can spend hours reading facts about animals, rocks, or weather. You have a beautiful singing voice and you are so musical. You played t-ball and football. You had a speaking part in the kindergarten musical. You started writing us little notes and sticking them up all over the house. You are constantly saying and writing things that make us laugh so much!

I love you for your intelligence and the literal way you look at the world. You have a heart of gold and you love animals so much. Your face lights up when you pick up and pet Bode or one of the other cats. You love Truman and are such a good big brother to him. You love to tell jokes and you love Minecraft. You have such a thirst for knowledge and you are like a sponge, sucking in every bit of information you can get. You still want to be a scientist and police officer. You are smart, funny, caring, sweet and a great boy. I am beyond lucky to have you.

I love you Sumner. Happy birthday!

Love, Mommy

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