Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Lots of thoughts

My day started out with a bang. Sumner had a really tough morning and we had a lot of trouble getting out the door to the kids' swim lessons. They started specialized swim lessons last summer with a man who is FABULOUS with children with special needs.

Everything was going well...well, the lessons are at a country club and I will admit I always feel totally out of place there. And when the lessons were over, the kids wanted to stay and play.

A woman and her children got into the pool and within a few minutes I could tell he didn't like S and J. My feelings were confirmed as she went around the pool complaining about them to EVERY mother. In front of me. It was awful.

The kids weren't being great. Not awful. Not great. I was embarrassed, angry, ashamed, and we left. It shook me. I could hear what she was saying. (Calling my 38 pound Jack "mean boy.")

Yesterday I cried to my OT. Our OT future is slightly up in the air as far as a provider for the fall. She must have been thinking of me though when she shared this blog post. It resonated with me and it made me realize that my children were being kids and I need to accept them for who they are, not always think about how I am going to "help" them. Woman at the country club pool be damned.


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